Carpet Cleaning

Say GOODBYE to dirt, allergens, and slow drying time with our expert carpet and fine rug cleaning services. Say HELLO to clean, fresh and healthy.

Natural Stone

From marble floor polishing to granite countertop chip and crack repair, if it's natural stone, we can clean it, polish it, restore it, protect it.

We restore the WOW! to your natural stone

Tile and Grout

Professional tile and grout cleaning and color sealing is all the rage now, and for good reason. It not only makes your floors look new, it keeps them looking that way for years to come.

Hardwood Floors

Trust the experts at Superior to install NEW hardwood floors, or REFINISH your existing ones with our state-of-the art dustless system.

Why choose us

We have been serving Denver and the Front Range for more than 50 years with quality floor and surface care...

Carpet and upholstery cleaning, repairing and restoring marble, granite and other natural stone floors and countertops, tile & grout cleaning and color sealing and hardwood floor refinishing and installation.



We want every customer of ours to be a customer for life, so first class service is our top priority.

What does this mean to you? It means you'll get a timely response, have all of your questions answered, and feel completely satisfied with our work. And when we're all done, we will look forward to seeing you next time.



Price is just one consideration when selecting a service provider, but it is an important one.

Trust Superior Floor Care to never underbid and cut corners or overbid and pad our pockets. With us, you can always count on a fair and honest, competitively priced estimate for the highest quality service.


our services

carpet and rugs
Carpet and Rugs

Using the method most recommended by carpet manufacturers, we deep clean your carpet and rugs leaving them clean and fresh.

Marble and Natural Stone

Marble, travertine, granite and all natural stone cleaning, polishing, refinishing, sealing and repairing. Floors, countertops and more.

hardwood floors installation and refinishing
Hardwood Floors

Installed and refinished. We can install new hardwood floors or refinish your existing ones with sandless hardwood floor refinishing.


Give us a call to clean your upholstery, removing soiling and leaving it looking fresh and smelling clean.

tile and grout cleaned and sealed
Tile and Grout

Grout color sealing is all the rage, and for good reason. Let us deep clean your tile and grout, then follow with grout color sealing.

What people are saying
What our customers throughout Denver and the Front Range are telling us

"So many times employers only hear from customers when they have a complaint. I write not only when I have a concern/complaint but also when I have had a positive experience. On Monday, October 15, I had your company clean carpet and I want to tell you about my experience. I am writing to commend your employee/technician, Jason. He was very professional and thorough. He went around all the baseboards by hand and cleaned away the dust and dirt unlike the last carpet cleaner who neglected this area entirely. Jason was extremely patient and polite while answering all my questions. I appreciate his attention to detail. He took extra time and really worked on several spots. He had an extra challenge because I have cream-colored carpet and it has been many years since I last had it cleaned. The carpet looks brand new! He was very careful and neat. I appreciate doing business with a company that employs such competent and reliable help. Jason is definitely an asset to your company. I hope you appreciate him as much as I have. I will definitely recommend your company to my family and friends"

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