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Your Home or Business, Beautiful, Clean, and Healthy

At Superior Floor Care, our professional technicians are equipped to handle a wide variety of carpet cleaning challenges for home and business owners. From trouble spots and pet odors to the regular dirt and grit that comes with everyday use, our powerful deep-cleaning equipment and solutions make a beautiful, clean, and healthy difference. To maintain the fresh appearance of your cleaned and sanitized carpets, we recommend you take advantage of our protective treatment services.

Steam Cleaning Extraction

No one protects your carpet investment or cleans more thoroughly than Superior Floor Care. Our truck-mounted hot water extraction system uses steam cleaning extraction, the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers, including Shaw Industries, the largest manufacturer of carpet.

Our Cleaning Solution

We use our own specially formulated cleaning solution, which contains no soaps, detergents, emulsifiers or harsh chemicals that can harm your carpet fibers and leave a sticky residue that attracts dust and dirt. In addition, our highly effective cleaning solution is environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets.

Our Cleaning Process

We start the cleaning process by pre-treating any problem areas with our exclusive cleaning solution. We go the entire carpet with our rotary jet extractor, giving the carpet a thorough scrubbing. This machine weighs about 70 pounds so it extracts more water out of the carpet compared to traditional wand extractors used by other companies.

Package Choices

Silver Package

Our Silver Package provides the cleaning processes recommended by manufacturers. It is a two-step cleaning system, which means it cleans more thoroughly than a one-step system and leaves no dirt-attracting residue behind.

Step 1: pre-scrub (as needed) with Superior cleaning solution

Step 2: rinse carpeting


  • 200+ degree water temp
  • Clean edges and baseboards by hand
  • Rotary Jet Extractor (Scrubs carpet and cleans fibers from every direction)
  • Rinses soil, pollutants and all pre-existing soap out of carpeting
  • Treat all spots with appropriate spotting agent and re-extract carpeting as needed to avoid residue.
  • Block and Tab furniture that was moved to prevent staining.
  • Groom and set up carpet pile

Gold Package

Our Gold Package provides all the benefits of the Silver Package, plus, we apply fabric protection (3M Scotchguard) to extend the life of your carpet fibers, make cleaning easier, and help your carpet resist staining.

Platinum Package

Our Platinum Package provides all the benefits of both the Silver and Gold Packages, plus, we move your furniture.

  • Breakables to be removed by client
  • Extremely heavy furniture (pianos, file cabinets, bookshelves, etc.) excluded

 If you are in the Denver / Front Range area, select the package that best suits your carpet cleaning needs, then contact us online or call (303) 933-3000 today to request a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.