• Client : Homeowner, Denver
  • Info : Maple floor sanded, cleaned, stained

Customer’s Special Request

In the past year, we’ve had several customers tell us they want their wood floors to have a different look compared to the wood floors found in most homes. The owner of this maple floor was one such customer.

Thinking outside the box…

Most companies do not like to stain maple floors as the stain comes out a little uneven. In this case, an uneven appearance was a plus, because it really gave the floor the kind of character the homeowner wanted. You can see the wide variety in the stain, and the wood grains really pop for an overall stunningly beautiful floor.

Our Processes

First we sanded the floor. Unlike oak, which has an open, porous grain, maple and other dense woods can show imperfections easily. In the hands of an inexperienced wood floor restoration contractor, one might end up with swirl marks and scratches in the final finish. As you can see, we got the job done right. Next, we thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned the maple floor, making sure it was completely free of dust and debris. Finally, we stained and refinished the floor, allowing ample dry time and light sanding between coats to achieve the desired look. The customer was very pleased with our work.

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