• Client : Homeowner in Arvada, CO
  • Info : Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning

Dirt Trapped In Textured Surface

Homeowners in Arvada, CO were conscientious about sweeping and mopping on a regular basis, but they weren’t satisfied with the results. Even scrubbing the tile and grout floor did not achieve the level of cleanliness they wanted. When this textured ceramic tile was first installed, the floor had an elegant appearance. Over the course of time, dirt, grime, and contaminants became trapped in the grooves and indentations of the surface of the tile and embedded deep within the porous grout lines, causing the appearance of this floor to decline.

Pressurized Hot Water Extraction

Our powerful cleaning processes began with an application of professional strength tile and grout cleaner, designed to loosen stubborn oils, sticky grime, and ground in dirt. Then we used our truck-mounted hot water extraction system to flush out and remove contaminants from the tile and grout. We adjusted the pressure and temperature of the hot water to safely achieve the most thorough cleaning possible. As you can see in the AFTER images, our deep cleaning processes accomplish so much more than regular cleaning methods.

Our customers were incredibly satisfied with the results and intend to call on us for regularly scheduled professional tile cleaning services in the future.

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