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We have some exciting news! Superior Floor Care is now part of the Robinson Custom Cleaning family, a well-established name in the industry.
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Carpet and Interior Textiles

Carpet and Interior Textiles Care / Denver / The Front Range

Carpet and Interior Textiles Care

Maintaining your carpet and interior textiles from spills and spots is easier if it has been treated with a high quality fabric protector.

No carpet or upholstery, however, is stain proof. Many factors can cause permanent discoloration of fabric fibers, including: dye in some food and beverages, acids, caustic solutions in cleaning products, bleaches, and pet urine. All of these things can, over time, permanently discolor carpet and upholstery.

Fast Action

Take immediate steps to remove spots and stains. The longer a spot is untreated, the more likely it is to become a permanent stain.

Best Results

Quick attention to spots and spills can make the difference between spots easily removed and permanent stains. If your carpet and interior textiles have been treated with a protective fiber treatment, they should respond well to simple spot cleaning procedures.

It is amazing how easily spots can be removed by closely following the simple steps outlined in our free, downloadable Carpet and Interior Textiles Care Guide.

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