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We have some exciting news! Superior Floor Care is now part of the Robinson Custom Cleaning family, a well-established name in the industry.
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Denver and Arvada’s Leading Limestone Repair Company

Here at Superior Floor Care, we specialize in repairing limestone floors and surfaces. Limestone repair is a critical maintenance activity for preserving the aesthetic and structural qualities of limestone flooring and other surfaces. Given the limestone materials susceptibility to certain types of damage, proper repair techniques are crucial for ensuring that limestone continues to provide its unique combination of original beauty, aesthetic appeal, and durability.

Common Damages to Limestone Surfaces

Chips and Cracks

Varying degrees of physical impacts to limestone surfaces can cause chipping and cracking. Crack repair involves filling the cracks or chips with a matching limestone filler or adhesive.


Acidic substances (like wine, lemon juice, or vinegar spills) can cause etch marks on the limestone surface. Repair might involve gentle polishing or the application of a specialized compound to mitigate the etching.


Limestone is porous and can absorb liquids, leading to stains. Stain removal often involves limestone cleaning with specific chemicals designed to draw out the stain.

Natural Stone and Limestone Care

Caring for natural stones and other limestone surfaces requires specific practices to maintain its beauty and durability. Limestone surfaces are porous and susceptible to damage from acidic substances. Proper limestone care and maintenance services can prevent damage and extend the lifespan of limestone surfaces.

At Superior Floor care, we offer free estimates and specialize in limestone restoration and limestone polishing in Arvada CO. Leave limestone care services to a professional. Call our floor care business today at 303-933-3000 and one of our expert technicians will have your limestone looking brand new in no time.