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Do I Need to Refinish My Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors are an extremely nice and classic addition to any home. The only problem is when it comes to floor care, hardwood floor care can be stressful and strenuous. Scratches and other damages are extremely common on a hardwood floor, but with proper floor services, it is possible to restore your hardwood floors back to their former condition.

What Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Hardwood refinishing is the process which restores the sheen and newness of your floor. The process involves sanding down the topmost layer of floor and restaining and redoing the lacquer on the top of the hardwood floor. This gives the floor back its original appearance. When thinking about floor refinishing, it is important to check the instructions of the manufacturer, and if you don’t have them, check with an expert floor care company. Different thickness will also determine how and when you should have your hardwood refinished.

When Should I Refinish My Hardwood Floor?

Some of the easiest ways to tell if your hardwood floor needs refinishing are discoloration, scratches, fading, and other marks. Refinishing hardwood floors should be done to remedy any of these issues not just for the look but because they can be seriously damaging to the structural integrity of your floor.

Dents and Scratches

While these problems are not that serious (assuming they are only surface level) they can cause major annoyance to you. It is important, however, to take care of these problems before the scratches and dents become too deep.


The color and fading of hardwood floors can happen due to sunlight exposure. Curtains, shades, and rugs can help protect your floor from high sunlight areas in your home.

Water Damage

Water damage happens when your floor is exposed to water too much, duh. The way you can tell if your finish has worn off is by putting a tiny bit of water onto your hardwood floor. If it soaks through the wood then your finish has worn off and should be refinished.
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