Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Hardwood Floors Refinishing Denver

Hardwood Floor Refinishing by Superior Floor Care

Superior Floor Care in Denver knows that Hardwood floors, when properly maintained, are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and looking new. At Superior Floor Care, Denver, we use the finest products available from BonaKemi to refinish your hardwood floors. This means your hardwood floors can be completely sanded and finished, looking brand new in as little as one or two days with virtually no dust and minimal inconvenience.

98% Dust Containment on our Complete Sand and Refinish Process

At Superior Floor Care Denver, we can refinish to like new the most worn or damaged hardwood flooring. We use top of the line Dust Containment technology to capture 98% of air born dust before it has a chance to spread through your home. No more messy clean up or moving out of your home to get the floors refinished. We can even move your furniture and appliances for you if need be.

Qualified, Trained Technicians

Rest assured that you are in the hands of trained experts that are qualified to handle products used that will completely restore your hardwood floors.

Do your wood floors need to be refinished?

There are signs that your floors need to be refinished. Besides the dull appearance, look for scratches, gouges, separation between boards, plank damage, loss of stain or exposed wood.

Did you know?

If your hardwood floors are neglected, the finish can wear through causing loss of stain color and damage to the actual wood.

Our Superior Floor Care maintenance system is 98% dust free! You will not be cleaning up dust months later as is the case with most other companies sanding process!

The Superior Floor Care system is virtually odorless; it’s non-toxic and dries in about 2-3 hours. You can walk on the floor in your socks at that time.

Don’t allow shoes on the floor for the first 24-48 hours. After that, your new finish is hardened and ready for normal use. We recommend moving furniture back on the floor in 36-48 hours and rugs back in 10 days as the floor will continue to cure for about 7 days.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Clean hardwood floor

The Superior Process

Step 1
Visual Inspection

We will join you in the inspection of your hardwood floors to be sure that we have found all damaged areas.

Step 1
Visual Inspection

We will join you in the inspection of your hardwood floors to be sure that we have found all damaged areas.

Step 2
Damage Repair

Replace and repair any damaged areas as needed.

Step 3
Initial Sanding of Floor

This step removes all of the old finish from your wood floor exposing the raw wood, removing scratches and re-leveling your floors surface.

Step 4
Hand Trowel Floor

The reason we hand trowel your floor is to fill any separation between floor planks. This also aides in future sanding passes.

Step 5
Additional Floor Sanding

Your floor will usually receive at least three sanding passes during our process one to remove the old finish and the others to smooth the floor out, preparing it for the stain/sealer and finish.

Step 6
Stain Coat

Once your floor has been properly sanded it is then time to apply (depending on the species) either your new stain or a clear sealer. If you have a species of floor that is able to be stained you have the option of several stain colors to choose from.

Step 7
First Finish Coat

You have your choice of semi-gloss, satin or natural finish, all from BonaKemi. We prefer to use water born finishes for this coat. Water born finishes cure much quicker than oil based and have virtually no odor. This provides for a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.
Note: Upon request, oil based finishes are available.

Step 8
Final Finish Coat

Once the first coat is cured (Usually about 2-3 hours) the final finish coat is applied to your wood floors.

Your wood floor is now fully restored and ready for years of enjoyment!!