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Removing annoying carpet indentations

Rearranging furniture?

People rearrange furniture for different reasons, from protecting upholstery from UV rays and improving traffic flow to getting in touch with their internal designer and achieving feng shui. But regardless of the reason, there are some annoying little problems you might encounter when you rearrange furniture, like stubbed toes, dust bunnies, and carpet indentations.  The first two problems are easy to resolve. Wear sturdy shoes. Vacuum. But carpet indentations? No worries. We’ve got the solution for you.

Here are two methods that work well…

Method one — the ice cube method. For small divots, you’ll need one cube of ice, for larger ones, use more. Place the ice cubes about two inches apart directly on top of the divot. Let the cubes melt, then wait for the water to completely evaporate. Once the area is dry, follow by vacuuming, making sure the vacuum beater brush is on. If the indentation is still apparent, try the second method cytotec online canada.

Method two — the steam method. Gently return the carpet pile upright using a coin, a spoon or fork, or your fingertips, and then use a steam iron to warm the fibers. Be sure to hold the steam iron about 4 inches from the divot. Don’t put it directly on the carpet!

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