Superior News!

We have some exciting news! Superior Floor Care is now part of the Robinson Custom Cleaning family, a well-established name in the industry.
We are confident that we will surpass your expectations!


Upholstery Cleaning

Clean. Healthy. Beautiful.

Kids, pets, guests, and general usage all cause wear and tear on your furniture. Regularly scheduled cleaning restores the beauty and extends the life or your upholstery by removing dirt, dust, and allergens trapped deep within the fibers. Our highly effective cleaning process is safe and healthy, and leaves your furniture refreshed and inviting.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Our expert technicians are trained in proper cleaning solutions and methods. Upholstered furniture comes in a variety of materials and manufacturing methods. One cleaning process will not necessarily work for all upholstered furniture. Special considerations such as color fastness and dimensional stability of the fabric must be taken into consideration. Superior Floor Care provides the cleaning process that is right for your specific furniture. As with all our services – your satisfaction is our goal.

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Upholstery Cleaning